We provide the following services: Investigation, Design, Specifications and Construction Inspection.
The types of projects with which the company are involved include:

Rock Slopes

Rock engineering of slopes on facilities such as railways, highways and power facilities must have a high degree of reliability and safety for the public. This requires that they be stable against both large-scale failure and rock falls. Learn more


In mountainous terrain, large-scale instability may take the form of creep over a period of decades or centuries, or sudden catastrophic collapse. The identification of landslides is vital during the planning stage of a project. Learn more


Engineering tunnels are driven by drill and blast, road header and TBM methods. An issue for all these types of tunnels is support requirements for long term, safe operations. Learn more


Issues that often need to be addressed in blasting operations include stability of the final excavated faces, and the control of ground vibrations and noise. Learn more


Structures such as bridges and power transmission towers founded on rock may be located on steep slopes. Design issues for these conditions where the structural loads are highly concentrated, include the bearing capacity and stability of the foundation. Learn more

Rock Falls / AttenuatorsTM

In mountainous terrain, rock falls can be a hazard to users of transportation systems, and be disruptive to operations. Mitigation of these hazards involves site investigations to understand the characteristics of rock falls such as source areas, fall paths, block size and fall velocity, design of protection structures and use of construction methods suited to site conditions. Learn more

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