Foundations on Rock (2nd edition, 1999)

by Duncan C. Wyllie

ISBN: 0419232109

Foundations on Rock is an up-to-date, practical reference book describing current engineering practice in the investigation, design and construction of foundations on rock. The second edition of this successful book has been extensively updated. The methods set out are readily applicable to high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, docks and structures subject to uplift and overturning loads.

Foundations on Rock focuses on the effects of geology on the stability and settlement of rock foundations. While the intact rock may be strong, defects such as faults, joints and cavities, and the deterioration of the rock with time, will influence foundation performance. The main topics covered are:

  • Characteristics of rock foundations
  • Structural geology
  • Rock strength and deformability
  • Investigation and in situ testing methods
  • Bearing capacity, settlement and stress distribution
  • Stability of foundations
  • Foundations of gravity and embankment dams
  • Rock socketted piers
  • Tension foundations
  • Construction methods in rock

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